Bonaire 2009

Bonaire is a small island in the caribic. The country is dry. A good place for diving.


Independant diving is the motto for Bonaire. Rent a car, get the equipment. Go to a place along the coast marked by a yellow stone. And go diving.

A typical place near the airport. You still see the yellow stone.

Some trees to get a place in the shadow for the rest between the two dives.

Other divers coming out. Often you are alone. No mass tourism here.

Small bird searching for food.

Leftover of a coral. Maybe a heavy storm swept it here.

Salt production.

Once a big ship was in the harbor. You are driving the road. Suddenly the ship comes out like a skyscraper.

From the far it looks like a ship. Under the water the noise was tremendous. The engines roared.

The diving spot 1000 steps.

It is only some steps to go down. But you have to bring the equipment down and up again.

1000 steps from the water side. From the boat it was easier to dive.

A tiny moray.

The pelican are fishing.

Pelican in the air.

The rich people have their own landing place.

A lizard. And lot of mosquitos too.

Whith a lot of water, you have a very nice garden. Beautiful flowers and bushes.

And a Willy. The american army sold a lot to south america. The production is now stopped. Very simple car.

An uninhabited island.

Equipment place for the divers.

A jump into the carribean blue sea. During a break between two dives.

A lobster during daylight.

Seldom and beautiful colored. It is strange to eat this animals after a dive.

National Park

Excursion to the national park.

The ground on the coast is sharp like a razor. You need good shoes.

This coast is not for diving.

The waves are breaking.

The fountains can be big.

Another wave breaking against the coast.

There was a small beach. The environment looks dangerous. And the warnings are there!

An Iguana. Behind you see acacia. Similiar to africa.

A sea with flamingos.


My rented car. A chinese car. The quality was poor. But it was driving.

The hills are corals. Somebody lifts the island.

The lizard doesn't have problems with the cactus.

A beautiful landscape in the national park.

Same spot. View to the sea.

Driver license with the text divers paradise.

Another Iguana.

A red bird in the dry trees.

A kind of lizard, beautiful colored.

Small green bushes. It is very hot and dry. Still nature finds a way to grow.


Basalt from a volcano.

The shapes are pentagon.

Hedge made from cactus.

An ass.


Diving equpipment.


Flamingo with typical landscape.

The road, already outside the national park.

To load cargo (salt).

Dimension of salt hills. Look out for the bus.

Empty shells.


A special coral, like a fan.

The roots of the mangroves.

A nice short holiday. Interesting for experienced divers which don't need a guide anymore. Next time i would like to make a dive with a boat near the north coast.

2009 by Juergen Zink

Last modified 30.12.2009