China 2009

China is a big country. This trip leads to the south in the province yunnan. Heading west in direction to Tibet. Relax on the island Hainan with the rain forest and the beaches. Last visit Beijing for shopping and sightseeing before flying back to Germany.


Kunming is the city of eternal spring. Lying 2000m above sea level in the tropical area the climate is spring.

On the way to West Mountain lies the Dianchi lake.

A nice figure inside the many pavillon on the west mountain.

A wonderfull vista point back to Kunming.

The city of Kunming. The electrical scooter are without noise. Difficult to detect.

A lot of skyscrapers. Look from our apartment in the 29th floor.

A nice bougainvillea at the bus stop.

A must is the excursion to the stone forest.

The area is quite big. Easy to miss the direction. No straight way.

The trip takes one day.

I like the architecture of the skyscrapers. Each is unique and i find it appealing.


This area is called three river land. Among them is the yangtse and the mekong river. Flowing parallel, separated by 4000m high mountains.

First stop was Lijiang. Buses full of tourists. Unesco Worl heritage.

A lot of water is flowing through. Romantic, but a lot of tourists.

Kunming has old temples. This is the entrance.

You still find the typical coal for the heating/cooking.

And here is the oven for the cooking. The coal fits exactly inside.

The flowing water is used for washing.

Excursion to Yulong Xueshan Dragon Snow mountain. It is a mass tourism. You get a ticket for a bus and know you have to wait for 1-2 hours.

You walk around. And finally get the bus to the cable station and wait again.

The cable car lifts you to 4520m. A lot of persons bought oxygen for breathing.

The highest point you can walk to is 4680m. And you can see the glacier. You have to walk slowly.

Everything is comfortable to go. You only need warm clothes.

Excursion to a nearby village with temple.

The writings looks the early chinese characters. You still see the picture behind.

I don't know the meaning.

The woman danced.

Entrance to a temple with a shining bhudda.

Not many tourist come here. Difficult to maintain the building with the beautiful colors.

Outside you have to pass a market to go back.

Still you find simple worker.

I like the fresh fruits you can buy on the streets.

Tiger leaping Gorge

Here the yangtse river is flowing through a gorge. We used the chance to hike the valley.

We start from the river level. And climbing up about 1000m.

On the way up. Already we have an excellent view.

Our first stop for having lunch. Very clean and very good food. Enjoying the isolation with fresh air and quietness.

The buildings use a lot of stone. Small Windows. A strong roof.Similiar to switzerland.

The corn is drying for the winter.

The gorge is steep. You see the parking lot below.

Nice orchids on the way.

First stay over night and having lunch.

The path leads beneath an old irrigation. Only a few people walking there.

That's the place where the tiger leaps over. From the big stone in the middle.

Another gorge. Later we went up on the right and crossed this bridge.

The power of the water is immense. The noise is incredible.


The way from tiger leaping gorge to shangrila.

On the way to Shangrila, we stopped at the white terraces.

Some flowers.

More flowers and a nice creek. The stone (travertine) is still building up.

Turkey has white terraces too.

The kitchen for our lunch.

Choosing the food, not the menu.

Fresh fruits and a lot of mushrooms.

City of Shangrila. Already less tourist than Lijiang.

Excursion to a lake nearby. So many resembles to Switzerland.

Lichen hanging down from the trees. A sign it is often wet. The lake is about 3300m high!

In fact there are more than one lake. Buses will transport you from one lake to the next. Of course you have to stand in the line.

Some cows eating grass. Cow dung is lying on the path. Chinese tourist take a lot of pictures.

The path on the side of the lake. It was the first national park without sales hut beside the path. No rubbish lying around and green toilets!

Typical tibetan house.

Tibetan temple nearby. They have done and still do a lot of restauration.

A lot of gold, incense burning, bhuddas.

It makes lust to look for the Potala palace in Lhasa.


The travel goes from Shangrila to Deqin. Back to Shangrila. And then take the airplane over Kunming to Hainan.

Thte mountains are high, the valleys are deep. The wheather is dry. Seldom you find a place to irrigate. Transport is difficult.

Bend of the Yangtse river.

The pass between two valleys is 4200m high.

Crossing the river depends on the few bridges. I haven't seen any ships, no fishermen either.

The path to the glacier. The donkeys help some tourists. The path gets very dirty.

Finally the glacier.

The creeks are roaring with water.

View from the hotel to the glacier.

The serpentines winding up the hill. The wheather is changing too.


Hainan is the Hawaii of China. Tropical with nice beaches.

Arriving at the airport of Hainan.

Using the public double decker for the beach for the international tourist. Here are the big resorts. The view from the second floor is very good.

Excursion to Yanoda park. It is very nice to climb up the creek. You get bast shoes. Not slippery at all!


Big trees with tremendous roots.

Nice flowers too. A lot of tourists.

Excursion to Five finger mountain. Only a few tourists.

Tropical environment with good paths. A lot of sweeting! Hot and humid.

The last few meters you have to use a steel cable. Here you see the top of the mountain.

Shopping in Hainan. Electronics and clothing are quite cheap. You can get very cheap copies or more expensive originals. They even install the german language on the phone.

Last but not least diving. I think it is a flatworm and not a snail.

Still you find interesting things. During the dive we heard dynamite fishing. This will be a massive destruction!

Beside this starfish we have seen a Mig airplane and a wreck.

The poisoning lionfish. I had to search for PADI dive instructor. Most often you get the opportunity to dive for five to ten minutes. No prerequisite, just putting all the staff and they press you under the water (maybe two meters).

I rented an appartment in this skyscraper.

The beach. Often you see people with life belt and parasol. The water was warm for swimming, only some jellyfish and the boats. In the morning and in the afternoon you go swimming. During lunch time having siesta. And in the evening go eating.

Common hermit crab. The crabs on the beach are too fast. At the surface marker buoy you can find crabs.

The island is populated with russion people. Often you can read chinese and russian. The talk to you in russian until you speak back in german.


Flying back from Beijing. And do some shopping too.

The entrance to the Forbidden City with the potrait of Mao. On the other side lies Tiananmen.

One hall after another. And tourists from every country.

Lions guarding the entrance.

Be prepared to walk a lot.

Tea temple.

View from the appartement. The subway was near. It is easy and pretty cheap. No traffic jam, only rush hours.

Big department store. Here you can find good quality without a lot of bargaining.

Back to Germany. A view to the countryside. Typical farming area.

Another nice travel to China. Still i am missing the west and Tibet too. This time i come pretty near (40km) to Tibet. Once i will go to the roof the world.

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