Trip to Costa Rica, driving around with a car.

All pictures are thumbnail and reference pictures. Please click on the pictures. There are a lot of animals to be found on the pictures. The camouflage can be exceptional. A small country with nearly every vegetation zone. From dry to wet, from low to high mixed with a lot of volcanoes.

Puerto Veijo

Arriving early morning in San Jose, get the car and drive to Puerto Viejo.

A lot of nature. The river has still a wide bed.

The ants are building highways. Some ants are bigger - the soldiers - and guarding the path.

Costa Rica is famous for the banana export (and pineapple too). Beside the street are huge container lots. And of course a lot of trucks loaded with containers.

A lot of jungle means a lot of rain. We have been lucky to get sunshine. Two weeks raining before we arrived.

A sloth sitting in a tree.

We have already passed the tree when the guide call us back to show us the very poisoning snake on the tree.

A poisoning frog with bright colors meaning "don't eat me".

A crab inside a shell in the jungle but near the coast.

The coast has strong current. Be careful when you go swimming.

A short trip to the indians. This was our sleeping house.

This is the red cacao. There is yellow cacao too. The red one tastes sweeter.

Preparing the cacao. Get rid of the shell and roasting.

Afterwards use a little machine for crushing. The banana leafs are organic and leave no garbage.

Mix with sweetened milk fat. And it is chocolate!


There are no turtles left in Tortuguero. The pirates started to use them as food. But it is still a big swamp.

On the way there is a an open plant for packaging bananas. This is the last step, the truck is already there and is filled with these boxes.

In the background you see the truck. Here is the washing and special (chemical) treatment for keeping the bananas green. The next step is to make small portions before put them in the box.

The first step ist getting the whole banana. Cutting big parts for washing.

Tortuguero is wet. Taking a trip with a canoe to have a look at the plants and animals.

The bird is easy to spot. The alligator is much more difficult to see.

Termites. Good for eating, very nourishing. They are very quick in eating dead wood.

We had to look three times before we have seen the snake.

Wonderful beaches with black sand. There were traces of a jaguar.

Turielba, Arenal, Rincon de la Vieja

Leaving the coast we moved to the volcanos.

From top of the volcano Irazu you can see the carribean sea and the pacific at the same time. It is a small country! Be early late in the morning it is already getting cloudy.

One of the old bridges.

A wonderful place to have a coffee. A nice place to settle down.

The churches are very different from germany. But i like the bright colors.

Arenal has rain forest.

The park has a nice walk. From the bridge you can look over the trees.

The rain causes landslips and sometimes the roads are closed for a while.

At the time it is rainy season on the carribean side, the pacific is dry. National park Rincon de la Vieja has beautiful colors. Often you can take a bath.

The volcano is still active here is hot air coming out and the smell of sulfur.

The water is hot and poisoning. The colors are beautiful.

Take care of snake. This one has just eaten a prey because of the big belly.

One of the many fascinating sunsets.


Nation park Manual Antonio and national park Corcovado are great.

Beach near the national park Manual Antonio.

National park Corcovado. The bats are clinging on a big tree. Our last station in Costa Rica and near to panama.

Very nice walks in the jungle following creeks. We see traces of tapir.

The beaches are still natural with a lot of crabs around. It is possible to see tucan and the red ara too.

This turtle comes from a station to bring back the turtles to this beach. The size is a little bit bigger than my biggest toe!

The camouflage is perfect. The small frog is very hard to spot.

In a park the stones are from ancient tribes. How they shape the stone is amazing.

We feel save there. The people are nice and the nature is great. The country is not cheap, but much safer then the neighbors.

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