Glacier training

The glacier training course is needed for the higher mountains. They are always covered by ice and snow. This four day training course will teach me techniques with rope, pickle and climbing iron.

Day One

On the first day we met at the railwaystation. Using the cable car climbing part of the mountain. Next take car to the end of the valley. Get your luggage and climb up to the glacier. Get already the first lessons.

Down in the Rhone valley. Warm and comfortable wheather. No wind is blowing.

Starting the trip by foot. Very nice environment with trees and green.

The creeks are steep.

And getting impossible to pass. Luckily a bridge crosses this creek.

Looking back at the nice valley. On top you see the snow covered mountains.

A glacier lake. You see the typical color. The water is icy cold.

It is still warm. The ice is dirty and slippery.

Arriving at the glacier. Put on the climbing iron. First try to walk on the glacier up to 40 degree. Then using two pickles to climb vertically.

Finishing the exercise we walk to the hut. On the way small flowers.

The flowers have to be quick. Only a short period of time without snow.

The hut for our first two overnight stays.

Day Two

Day Two begins with exercise until the afternoon. In the evening - after dinner - theory lesson starts.

On the right side you see the mountain Bishorn. We will climb on the last day this mountain. The mountain is over 4000m high. On the left you can see the rim where we will climb the snowfield.

Fog fills the valley. Bad wheather like fog disables your sight. It is easy to get lost.

Training with the rope. It is not easy to walk with four person in a row all tied together.

One exercise is to climb a rope.

One small rope is for your belt. The other one is for your foot.

And now climbing without any border. You swing and turn.

And finally success!

Going back to the hut. Next day we will come from the left about half height of the glacier. Then climb the glacier on the right side.

Day Three

Day Three begins before sunrise. Using the cold snow for easy walking. In the afternoon one more lesson.

Shortly after sunrise it is pretty cold. The snow scrunch under your feet. No sound beside you and your group. A lot of fine ice crystals glitter.

After climbing the glacier we need a rest. The next hut you can see on the left.

A beautiful look back.

Day Four

After all the exercise come the real world. Climb mount Bishorn and more difficult get back to the valley.

Another early start in the dark. A wonderful sunrise on the tour.

Only a short moment the red color is gone. The snow crystal reflects the sunshine.

Still some hundreds meter to climb.

The mountains beside look smaller.

Last stop near the top.

The world is not for living. Just for a visit.

We have to cross a crevasse. The last few meters get steep.

Going up is easier than down.

One of the dangerous crevasses. This is the reason for the rope. Just in case you fall down, hope the others will stop you from falling.

It is a wide land. Good wheather no problem. Dangerous with fog or snowfall to find your way.

Back at the hut for lunch. Already climbing 800m up and down.

Another 1800m to go down. Crossing this creek.

Leaving the snow and go down to 1400m.

It is so nice to see the flowers again. And the greens everywhere.

Back in a small town. Watching the typical old style buildings. We take the bus to go down to the Rhone valley. Another 1000m down!

Often you will use the train with the car to cross under the mountain!

Having good wheather it was a very nice experience.

© 2010 by Juergen Zink

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