Trip on four islands Oahu, Kauai, Big Island and Maui.

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This island Oahu has the capital Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach. Another worldwide attraction is Pearl Harbour. The attack from the japanese resulted in war between USA and Japan.

Waikiki has a lot of skyscrapers. Wondering if you will find a piece of beach for yourself.

The famous pink hotel. The beach is quite empty. Beside the tourists local people are surfing.

Pearl Habor. First we look at the submarine. Then we took the bus to the really big battleship. And a lot of national flags.

The big cannon. Only with the people in the picture you realize how big it is.

The islands are not big. In one day you can drive easily around. You often find beautiful beaches and places.

There is always the volcano in the middle of the island. On one side it is sunny. Because the mountain keeps the clouds aside. On the other side it is cloudy and raining. At least more often. So you can choose the wheather what do you like.


This island is older and the mountain is not very high. Still this island has the beautiful canyon and vista points.

Already in the national park, looking back to the beach. Afterwards we went snorcheling in the corals there.

A famous trail along the coast. Later you can walk up the valley for a waterfall.

There a lot of waterfalls. Here you can easily go by car and have a look from the vista point.

The famous canyon seen from a vista point.

Another point of view is taking a helicopter and get in short time a lot of vista point.

One of the most rainy spots on earth. About 8000ml rain per year is falling down.

Back on feet have a look at the black beach where Cook landed. Here was an russion fort too.

The walks are nice, but take a long time. You can walk along the coast.

Another famous place is the swamp area near the top of mountain.

It is often raining.The vegetation is different.

It is often raining.The vegetation is different. You will find tree fern, fern and moss.

The light at sunset with looking at a private island.

Typical american style are the high wheels on car.

One of the few places where you can swim. Often is the current too strong and dangerous.

Very often you find lava. Sometimes new plants are already coming out.

Big Island

This island is about 40km in diameter.

In Hilo you find rainy wheather and a lot of orchids.

Very big lava fields. Sometimes still smoking.

This wall is about 20-30m high. The lava is slowly flowing. But no chance to stop.

The southernmost bakery with delicious food.

The contrast between the black lava field, the white stones the people bring there and the red leaves of the tree is fascinating. This road is used for the Iron Man.

The starting point of Iron Man.

Some athletes are exercising. A good place for snorcheling too!

You can climb the mountain with a special 4 wheel car. Looking back to the visitor centre. There are two big volcanos over 4000m high.

On top are a lot of observatories. You drive from the coast in shorts with temperature about 30 degree celcius. Arriving on top the temperature falls down to 5 degree celcius.

Car driving is a must. But because of the Iron Man the only place where you can found sideways for bicycles.


Every island has its charms.

We enjoyed banana fruit or local pineapple.

The world famous place for surfing.

A look inside the crater.

The whole day trip "Sliding sands trail" needs a lot of constitution. It is hot and dry.

The dimension is big. Sometimes this was all filled with lava.

Endemic plant only around this mountain.

The colors of the stones changeing from red to black.

It is a long trip. You must carry enough water for drinking.

My first super market all natural. No coke available! Instead you find local fruits and fresh salad, soup. Or you can get fresh barbecue, pizza or japanese mizo soup. I need more days to taste it all.

Finishing with a nice dinner on the beach. The galleries and shops are very nice.

Los Angeles

Seven hours to wait for the connection flight. We took the public bus - pay in cash, no credit card allowed - and visit Santa Monica Beach.

Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles.

Hawaii is beautiful, no stress. Why you should work today, you can go surfing and go to work tomorrow. I would like to pay another visit.

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