Mountain climbing on Hoher Kasten Switzerland

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This tour goes to the Alps in Europe. It goes from 800m to 1900m high. So it is just at the tree border. Going higher, there will be no trees. The wheather was fine. A little dizzy, but no raining and a little wind sometimes. Starting point was 6:00 am in Stuttgart, just at sunrise.

Swiss country

Arriving at 9:15 our destiny we were directed to a parking lot. So many people want to go hiking. Looking around it was clear wheather, beautiful green gras and houses standing alone. There is a lot of agriculture here and not so many people.

We parked here, because we want to come back with the cable car. From top of the Mountain back to the station in less than some minutes.

Cable car

It is really comfortable. Here you can see the car going up to the mountain. About 30 people will be inside.

After climbing about 300 to 400 altitude meters, we enter a high valley. Only very very few car are allowed to take the very steep road. The lake is very clear. You hear no noise, it is very quiet.

creek and cow

The valley is used as food for cows. They will give milk. And out of the milk comes the famous swiss cheese. The children will play with the water flowing down the creek.

Walking further you come the Alm house. Often they have electricity and sometimes flowing water. Typical ist the swiss flag in front of the house. And on the faraway mountain you see still snow.

From top of the hill you have a tremendous sight over the rhine valley to other high mountains. And you will find birds flying around using the wind perfectly.

alm house rhine valley vista point

This pictures shows a lot of the tour. We are now about 1800m high. Walking along the valley. At the end climbing the left mountain. And walking on top back. The mountains are steep.

tour overview
swiss country

On the other side you have a wide view over swiss country to the lake Constanze. With the camera you cannot see it, but standing there you will see it.

Our final destination is in front of us. There the cable car will bring as down to the valley again.

Destiny path
Steep hill

The path is on both sides very steep. You have to watch your steps and shouldn't get afraid of it. On the other side you got beautiful sightseeing.


Viewing back, you see what you have really walked. Now you are 1900m high. And we got a little bit sunburnt. You feel exhausted, but the next tour will soon be planned.

view back

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