Piz Palü

In the 1920's there was a famous movie about this mountain with Lena Riefenstahl. Nowadays you take the cable car up to 3000m. Together with the technical equipment and clothing it is much easier to climb this mountain.

Day One

On the first day we met at the Diavolezza hut. Using the cable it is a matter of minutes. Get a short introduction to knots and climbing iron. Next day start early for the summit.

The first glimpse of Mount Bernina. Mount Bernina is beside Mount Paluü and more than 4000m high.

Changing from car to cable car. The public transport is good. Our guide arrives with the train.

A lake from melted snow looking out from the cable car.

Leaving the upper station on 3000m i enjoy beautiful wheather. The view of Piz Palü is great.

Tomorrow we will climb this mountain. The path uses the snow from left side. Another possibility is to climb the stone in the middle.

The path on the glacier can be seen. From left down to right up. Tomorrow morning we will move on this glacier.

The comfortable Diavolezza. The view from inside is fantastic.

Sunset on Piz Palü

Day Two

Starting early for the summit.

First we went down to the glacier. Then we had to climb again to reach the same level as the starting point. The hut is difficult to see. But when you know where to look...

It is easy going here.

Perfect wheather for this trip. Tremendous sighseeing without clouds.

A crevasse like this is the reason for hiring a guide and using rope.

There is more than one crevasse on the way.

The summit is near. The path is getting steeper. Climbing iron is needed. Two weeks ago a italian couple died here falling down on the left side.

The path looks easy. It is very steep on each side. We had to wait because a group is coming and the way is too narrow to bypass. I used the chance to take a photo.

And enjoy the fantastic sight!

You can see the glacier was much higher in recent years. The bright color marks the border of the glacier. Every year the glacier gets smaller.

You should be free of giddiness.

Here you can see a deep crevasse. You don't see the bottom. It is too dark. A snowbridge helps you to cross the crevasse.

A very nice trip. Having luck with the excellent wheather.

© 2010 by Juergen Zink

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