Rhine falls Schaffhausen

One sightseeing attraction is the Rhine falls in Schaffhausen/Switzerland. The biggest water falls in europe.

One day excursion from Stuttgart to Schaffhausen/Switzerland

Here you will find a lot of tourists. It is famous in Europe. Nevertheless you don't have to wait a long time.

First look at the rhine. A lot of tourists everywhere. The question is where to start.

Going down it is getting a bit noisier. You are still pretty far away from the fall.

The next point is to get on the boat. The harbour is behind this building.

The current is strong in the water. It is interesting to see the boats choosing the way to get to the stone in the middle.

I booked a ticket for middle, transfer to the other side and back again. I want to climb the stone in the middle.

Before taking the boat a swan with his lovely nice child is crossing my way.

The waterfall is coming nearer. The noise of the water gets louder.

Now it is very noisy and the air is full with small water drops.

The power of the water is impressive. Today the amount of water is about half of maximum.

Especially for the tourist, they digged a tunnel to get a most impressive vista point.

The beginning of the waterfall. Behind you see the bridge for the railway and pedestrian. It would have been possible to take only one way and coming back by this bridge.

A short distance before the waterfall. The water has a beautiful color. It is nice to walk on the side of the river.

After sitting down you recognise how tired your legs are. It is quite a lot of walking.

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