Weekend in Tessin 15./16. August 2004

This tour went to the „Tessin“. The southern part of the Switzerland. They speak italian. There are two tours. One starting from Predelp and another featuring the famous tour from Mount Tamara to Mount Lema. The wheather was at the beginning cloudy and drizzling from time to time. Then gettting cloudy with sunshine. The next day almost all sunshine and a short time with clouds. The battery of the camera went low. So the tremendous sightseeing on Mount Lema isn't shown. Going there took about 5 hours car driving. All pictures are thumbnail and reference pictures. Please click on the pictures.

Shortly after heading off the tour we had beautiful sightseeings of the valley. You can see the highway winding through and using often tunnels. The ground valley has altitude about 700m. Predelp - which can be reached by car - lies on altitude 1650m. So we used the car to climb nearly 1000m. It took about half an hour and you have to be careful because of the narrow roads.

hiking path

The first part was climbing to altitude 2450m to go over the mountains to the next valley. The path was marked with white, red and white stripes as seen on the picture. Above altitude 1900m to 2000 there are no trees. By the way, on this trip we met very few people compared to Hoher Kasten.

But on the other side you can find blueberries. It was just the season. So you could pick and eat as you like. And you find a lot of stone and water running down the hill.

blueberries stone and water

Now a look back to the parking lot where we started the tour. There are some buildings and a small lake. Just over the lake is the parking lot. Maybe we climbed about 400 altitude meters. A little further we did take our first rest for drinking and eating. The weather was cloudy with little drizzling.

parking lot
crossing running water

Now we cross the running water. You still see the white, red, white stripes on a stone lying in the water. Reaching the top I saw on my backpack white points. Drizzling mixed with a little snow. And there was still snow lying around!


From now on the weather was getting better. First getting cloudy with some sunshine. Then more and more sunshine. Here you will hear nothing besides you and other hikers. Possible the world lies empty around you. We saw marmot (Murmeltier), but for my camera it was too far away and they were quickly hiding. Later we walked on a bridge to pass this water digging a canyon deep into the valley. It is noisy and there is a lot of power behind it. Without a bride it is very difficult to cross.

high valley big water big water
small path

In the afternoon we reached this wonderful small valley. The sun was burning. The air was full of scent of the trees and flowers. The sound of the running water and the hotness makes you dizzy. So we took a rest there.

hidden valley
fresh water

The water is fresh and drinkable. You can refill your bottles. Afterwards we were refreshed and only half way around. Time was getting short.

morning in village

Over night we stayed in a small village. The sunrise showed very clear sky. The roof of the house in the middle is covered with stone. Parking lot is a big problem there. There is no space left.

Here you can see a typical old house. In front of the house there stands an apricot tree. Driving down to the valley to the next trip, I took a picture from the small road. They are winding along the hill. Only one car has space on it. Sometimes with protection at the border, often without. So you honk the horn before you drive around the next corner.

Destiny path

The next trip from Mount Tamara to Mount Lema. We used the cable car to get up. Another cable car to get down and a bus driving from one cable car station to the other. You see the cable car station, a church and an restaurant. Today we had a tremendous sightseeing.

cable car station Sightseeing

The way is steep going up. Viewing back, you see how quickly you climbed again.

view back looking back
lake Lugano

You see the lake lugano. It is one lake going around the mountain. And the snow covered top of far away mountains.

looking back

Other things you find on top of mountains are radio, tv, mobile phone station. On Mount Lema there is a radar wheater rain station.

On the other side you see the Lago Maggiore.

Lago Maggiore
Mount Tamara Lago Maggiore

The Mount Tamara has a cross on top. From here to Mount Lema you still walk three hours. The last picture shows Lago Maggiore and some small villages on the mountains. The mountains include Monte Rosa and the second highest mountain in Europe the Darfour mountain.

The battery of my camera went low. I could not take any more pictures. Despite the sightseeing especially on Mount Lema was tremendous.

© 2004 by Jürgen Zink

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