Mountain, Orinoko and Los Roques.

All pictures are thumbnail and reference pictures. Please click on the pictures. Venezuela is fascinating country. Very cheap gasoline, a lot of fruits, some toilet paper and empty car houses.

South - Mountains

Canaima is the starting point for the trip to Salto Angel. The highest waterfall in the world. It is difficult to go there by car. Most tourist come with the airplane.

A small lake with waterfalls surround Canaima. The water is warm and nice to swim.

On the other side you can walk behind the waterfall. You will get wet.

Join the group and start climbing to the first lodge. It is green with a lot of flowers and trees. Very good air, smells healthy.

The highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls.

Beautiful flowers on the way.

Carneval in Venezuela.

Beautiful colors, old colonial buildings, old cars like cuba.

In the south of Venzuela at the border to Brazil. Starting a trek to a table mountain.

Near the first camping place. The creek invites to a refreshing bath.

A special flower adapted to the tafelberg. The flower eats animals to the needed nutrition. The rain washes everything down to the valley.

A small frog with very good camouflage. Congratulations to our guide to spot it.

The nest of wild bees. I like to explore the nature.

Trees hiding in a valley. Maybe because only there is enough water. A nice view.

A big grashopper. At home there are much smaller.

Another way of getting nutrition is to let the animals falling inside and digest it.

A fascination view from the top.

This beautiful caterpillar i found on the top.

The steppe is burnt down from the indian people living here. The gras quickly spread again.

Northeast Orinoko and coast

The delta of the river Orinoko is huge. Very few tourists on the way.

Now I am back to the jungle. A lot of water around. Travelling by boat.

Looks like an eagle.

Visiting the indios, i was curious to see how the kitchen works. Just use stones and clay laying around.

Preparing manioc for the lunch.

And some meet in form of a small lizard.

Laptop is provided by the government.

Bats are looking for food too.

Traffic jam. The people protest against the government because of the water supply.

Beautiful bridge over the Orinoko river.

Colorful sweeties with coffee. The coffee is very sweet too.

Pelicans drying the wings in the sun.

Visiting a coffee plantation.

Strawberry with icecream. Delicious.

Everywhere you find traces of Alexander von Humboldt.

Like before this cave. Very famous birds. Maybe you heared the sound in one movie from Alfred Hitchcook.

I like flamingo, especially flying.

The red ibis.

Island Los Roques

The island is a national park. It is a beautiful place to relax.

Arriving on the island. No car to pick you up. Handwork is needed.

The rubbish is collected by a car. The town is free of cars. No honking, no parking, just a big walking zone.

One of the many island. In the morning you travel there. In the afternoon you will be collected again.

Turtle station. They collect the eggs and raise the turtles.

The overview of the national parc. A lot of island, mostly uninhabited.

The town. No rubbish is lying around. Nice to have a walk around and look for shops.

Only a picture. But the shrimps i saw in the water during scuba diving.

The venezuela way of enjoying the beach. An umbrella, a cold lunch box and chairs.

A last view of the ocean. Behind you see the main island. The color are fantastic blue.

A very interesting trip. We went there just before Chavez died. One of the places i would like to visit again.

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