Autumn walk on Jusi 2003

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The Jusi is part of the "Schwäbische Alb". It reaches 400 to 700m above sea. Big trees from old forests. Sometimes you see stones. Before we climb the mountain we enter the forest. In autumn we have golden leaves.

Golden leaves
climbing inside forest

Inside the forest the sun shines bright. Everywhere are fallen leaves. We have to climb the hill. Now on a warm autumn day the temperature shows about 20 degree, comfortable for a walk. The path is narrow. A lot of years ago the hill was a volcanoe. Still the earth gets faster than usual hot drilling a hole into the earth.

On top you have an excellent view. You can see the river Neckar and a lot of cities. The city where I live lies in the middle of the picture. The two white high chimneys belongs to an energy plant. They are more than 200 m high.


Stuttgart lies about 40 km on the left side. Turning left you will see the airport of Stuttgart. The whole area has still a lot of forests. But the cities are often touching each other. About the middle of the picture lies my home.

Leaving the hill and walking to the next. On both sides going down. It is not dangerous. Very quiet, now sunny and fresh air.

both sides going down
a lot of stone

Just below the surface, there are a lot of stones. The stones cannot hold water. This is one reason why the peasants on top had a hard life.

Going back along the hill you walk on the west side. A splendid view with tremendous colors. Enjoy it.

valley valley valley

Watching the forest you see all shades from yellow to red. Especially when the sun gets deep.

forest yellow to red

At last one beautiful tree

tree with colors

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