Winter walk on Bassgeige 2003

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The Bassgeige is part of the "Schwäbische Alb". It reaches 400 to 700m above sea. Big trees from old forests. Sometimes you see stones. Million of years ago it was the bottom of an ocean. A lot of corals are growing. Today you will find a lot of "stoned" shells. They left a several hundred meter thick lime stone. From left to right you see Bassgeige, Hohenneuffen and Jusi.

Schwäbische Alb
Parking lot

This time we start from a parking lot on top of the hill. The sun shines brightly. The snow reflects the sun. Your face get x-time more sun than normal. You feel the warm sun. Wearing warm jackets and gloves, you enjoy walking around. Most of the visitors are families do riding down the hill with a bob.

We will walk on a road covered with snow. Only a few centimeters. Enough for a tremendous white. This snow was like a white powder.

road walking

We want to go to the vista point. Again we have a small burr for walking. Each year the erosion takes 2-3mm away.

city below

Looking down the valley you see a city covered with snow. The trees are bare from leaves. Dark and tall they are standing.

Sometimes the stone erects directly. We will walk to another one for our vista point. Our one is secured a little bit. Falling down 10m will be deadly.

vista point looking backwards

Finally reaching the vista point. We have a splendid sightseeing. The first pictures shows the Hohenneuffen and Jusi. The Hohenneuffen has a castle on it. The Jusi has on its side no trees. In the foreground you see some fields. These fields are for growing grapes and making wine. The second pictures shows my home. At least I know where it is. The third has a look backward to the path.

vista point Jusi vista point home vista point looking backwards

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